LabMaster 10 Zi 65 GHz Oscilloscope

LabMaster 10 Zi achieves the greatest oscilloscope bandwidth density – the highest bandwidth on the most channels – in the industry. The LabMaster 10 Zi consists of core four-channel 36 GHz modules with bandwidth up to 65 GHz available. Teledyne LeCroy's proprietary ChannelSync™ architecture permits precise synchronization of up to eighty silicon-based 36 GHz / 80 GS/s channels and up to forty 65 GHz / 160 GS/s DBI (Digital Bandwidth Interleaving) channels. The LabMaster architecture advantages include a single sample clock and trigger circuit utilized by all acquisition modules to provide the highest acquisition precision possible for up to eighty channels. The entire connection and setup of multiple oscilloscope acquisition modules, including fine deskew calibration, takes approximately five to ten minutes. Researchers at Bell Labs have used LabMaster oscilloscopes for record-breaking QPSK and 16-QAM research at data rates approaching 1 Tb/s, most recently a 640-Gb/s single-channel line rate using 80-GBaud PDM-16QAM.